What inspired Farmacy? How did it all start?

Prior to launching Farmacy I previously worked in fashion. I always
had a passion for food and was surrounded by foodies growing up - food and the traditions surrounding it had always played a big part in my family life.

I was inspired to turn vegetarian after the birth of my daughter and then later began to follow a plant-based diet after the birth of my son. I had heard that a plant-based diet could lead to increased energy levels, improved digestion and overall wellbeing.

Over several years, I researched various elements of conscious eating, from nutrition to sustainability. Following this, I decided to open Farmacy, a place where I could share my philosophy on nutrition and help bring the conscious eating revolution to London.

What are the common misconceptions about veganism?

One of the most common misconceptions about vegan food is that it is healthy. In reality, many foods that are vegan - such as crisps, chips and soy-based meat alternatives - can be full of unhealthy additives, refined sugars and GMOs.

It is for this reason that although we at Farmacy don’t believe in labelling ourselves, we do try to focus more on the idea that we believe in a plant-based diet. Plant-based eating means to only eat NATURAL, WHOLE foods. At Farmacy all the dishes we serve are not just meat and dairy free, but also 100% organic, GMO, pesticide, additive and refined sugar-free. In a nutshell, we believe in foods that not only taste great, but are good for the planet and make you feel great too.

Another misconception about both vegan and plant-based food is that everyone expects it to be boring, but Farmacy is an opportunity to show people that plant-based food can be delicious and exciting. Many of the dishes on our menu have surprised customers, showing how tasty and indulgent plant-based food can be by using lesser-known ingredients such as macadamia nuts to create a ‘cheese’.


What's the main objective behind Farmacy's ethos?

We are now often referred to as the ‘friendly face’ of plant-based eating in London - which is great! My aim with Farmacy is to make healthy eating fun in a beautiful setting. To create a welcoming space that would appeal to everyone - not just those already following a plant-based lifestyle. It is for this reason that our menu is so diverse, featuring many choice comfort foods such as our ‘Farmacy Burger’, ‘Nachos’ and ‘Nice Cream Sundae’ - some of which are indeed our best sellers. At Farmacy we champion the notion that ‘food is medicine’ and as such we count chemicals, not calories.




What can you tell us about  the new Farmacy Kitchen Cookbook?

I decided to create the Farmacy Kitchen Cookbook as I was keen to be able to share the Farmacy philosophy and ethos with a wider audience. We are often asked by clients for recipes for dishes that they have tried in the restaurant, and we loved the idea that with a book, we would be able to make some of our favourites (as well as some exciting new ones) more easily accessible for everyone to enjoy.

The philosophy behind the book and what we feel makes it unique, is that it not just provides inspirational ideas for plant-based eating, but also teaches you to live and eat in a more conscious way, whilst using nature’s best ingredients.

We are supporters and promoters of recipes that are good for both us and the planet, and as such the introduction to the book includes both important information on how to best prepare meals and individual ingredients so that you are able to harness the most nutritional value from them, but also where to source them from, and how to store them, etc. There is a whole section on ‘becoming a conscious consumer’ in order to be as kind as possible to the planet too.

Taking better care of the land and people who grow ingredients is part of the ethos of Farmacy, bringing attention back to nature, simplicity and balance. We follow the concept of ‘simple abundance’ using fresh, colourful and whole foods in innovative combinations for maximum taste, digestion and enjoyment.


What are your future plans for Farmacy?

We are due to open a second site in London next Spring and will soon be launching across the pond - watch this space!


What's 'a day in the life of Camilla Fayed' like?

I usually spend the morning a little outside of central London - helping the team at our Farmacy Kitchen Garden - a biodynamic plot of land in Kent, where we grow vegetables and herbs for the restaurant.

On the mornings that I’m not at the Kitchen Garden, I can often be found at Covent Garden Flower Market - choosing fresh plants and flowers for the restaurant.

Most afternoons I tend to be either catching up with the team or having meetings at our flagship restaurant in Notting Hill. The day can get quite busy and so more often than not I enjoy a delicious and nutritious lunch there - the chef’s seasonal curry is my favourite at the moment.


Camilla Fayed’s ‘Farmacy Kitchen Cookbook’ is available on Amazon now


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