Pinch is a British design studio established in 2004
by Russell Pinch and his wife Oona Bannon.


The studio’s coveted products are characterised by a quiet and elegant aesthetic, the result of tireless refinement and an intense dedication to craft and process.



How did Pinch begin? Take us back!

It started in 2004, around our kitchen table.  Having started in furniture, we got side-tracked by the world of branding and marketing, and found ourselves creating looks and company communications that didn’t really have much validity or depth, and certainly didn’t fulfil us.  So we started again and built our business with an ambition to create beautiful furniture that would stand the test of time both stylistically and in terms of its making.  We wanted a business that would allow us to be creative led, and work with people and skills we admire.


Are you launching a new collection during the London Design Festival?

We have spent the last year developing a new sofa system called Angelo, which is inspired by Oona’s current ambition to sit down more.  It’s a sofa that is very hard to be parted from in terms of comfort, but we have worked to maintain elegance and our signature style, where classicism is brokered with an architectural rigour.  We are also launching a new LTD EDITION colour series of our NIM table, cast in Jesmonite.




What project are you most proud of and why?

Our pride and joy can come from all sorts of experiences, best sellers are great because running a business, you need that continuity.  At the same time the greatest pleasures are usually the deeper creative projects, and developing our NIM table was our gift to ourselves to celebrate 11 years of being in business.  We wanted to design a coffee table that celebrated weight and mass (the opposites of the lightness we usually convey with our furniture), and we worked with a longstanding friend, a high-end art fabricator, who helped us develop this slightly mad piece. It's completely intriguing, you are not quite sure if it’s a natural material or a man-made object, if it's completely gentle or surging under the skin with attitude. The first and second series are nearly sold through, and now we are creating a third colour version.

Who is your all-time design hero?

Isamu Noguchi – for his ability to combine sculpture and product design, and his skill in excelling at both.


Where would you send a visitor for the day?

Start off with a visit to Newport Street Gallery in Lambeth, the architecture is a delight, followed by a stroll across the river, through Parliament square, across St James’s Park to have lunch at Rochelle Canteen at The Institute of  Contemporary Art on Pall Mall.  Then take a train to Somerset to see what is on at Hauser & Wirth at Durslade Farm, marvelling at Piet Oudolf’s gardens, and fitting in another regal meal at the Roth Bar & Grill.  Then take a train home to sleep at The Laslett of course!


What advice do you have for aspiring designers?

Avoid zeitgeist, and work hard to develop your own signature style.  Don’t be led by retailers showing you other people’s work to copy, the chance to create your own look is rare so make the most of it.  It’s also important to remember that success doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a journey all the way, so enjoy the stages. 



Pinch always puts quality first and uses the best materials, the most skilled makers and labour over designs. 


Russell and Oona’s design process is all about beauty found in simplicity and the indulgence of well-crafted detail. 

Inspired by local culture and British style, The Laslett houses an enviable collection of furniture from British designers including Pinch bespoke Imo benches for the end of guest beds, bedside tables and lobby sofas.


46 Bourne Street, London SW1W 8JD