Within seconds of turning out of Notting Hill Gate station, you will find yourself on a smart, quiet street, lined by a row of Victorian townhouses. Evoking the same sense of luxury and elegance that once made them so desirable amongst the crème de la crème of Victorian society, five of these impressive townhouses are now the home of The Laslett - a unique hotel from Tracy Lowy and Living Rooms.

The Laslett takes inspiration from Notting Hill’s rich cultural heritage, as well as capturing the energy and creativity that characterises the contemporary local scene. Offering an experience of tranquillity and elegance in the dynamic heart of West London, the Laslett takes its name from Rhaune Laslett, a local activist who organised the original Notting Hill Festival, which would eventually evolve into the famous Carnival.

The Laslett marks the latest collaboration between Living Rooms and Tom Bartlett, the founder of leading British architect and design studio, Waldo Works. Known for their ability to seamlessly infuse the heritage of a classic space with a sense of playful modernity, Waldo Works have brought their own style to the experience of comfort and impeccable service that is the essence of all Living Rooms’ collection.

London-based creative director, Ben Kelway of Atlas Studio, joined the creative team to define the hotel’s branding, and to help gather the eclectic selection of artwork that gives the hotel its unique character.

The dynamic ground floor at The Laslett is more neighbourhood hangout than hotel lobby - incorporating a curated British library, walls of art, the Henderson bar and coffee shop and a 'shop' showcasing our collaborations with designers and artists.

A meeting with Russell ‘Russ’ Henderson, a well-loved Trinidadian musician and one of the founding fathers of the Notting Hill Carnival – became the inspiration for the eponymously named Henderson Bar, and offering a daily evolving menu

The Laslett is an unfinished story – a collection of concepts, ambitions and creative collaborations that have come together to bring the Living Rooms philosophy to life. A place for locals to love and guests to discover, The Laslett is just one part of the ongoing narrative that winds its way through the art, culture and community spirit of Notting Hill.

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